Installing Vivaldi.1.6.689.34.exe on Microsoft Windows 10 Home 64-bit

  • I am having a horrible time, trying to install the following file:


    Type of file: Application (.exe)
    Description: Vivaldi Installer

    Size: 38.8 MB (40,735,864 bytes)
    Size on disk: 38.8 MB (40,738,816 bytes)

    Created: ‎Today, ‎December ‎17, ‎2016, ‏‎2 hours ago
    Modified: ‎Today, ‎December ‎17, ‎2016, ‏‎2 hours ago
    Accessed: ‎Today, ‎December ‎17, ‎2016, ‏‎2 hours ago

    I cannot get access by myself, or as an Administrator (which I am, as well).

    I have a current version of Vivaldi 1.5.658.56, installed on 7/31/2016, on my computer.

    I am operating on a Hewlett-Packard p6744y, Pentium(R) Dual-Core CPU E5800 @ 3.20GHz, 64-bit Operating System, x64-based processor, with Seagate 1 TB disk drive (50% free space), running Microsoft Windows 10 Home, with all current updates.

    I have no idea, what is going wrong here, but it does not load, and I cannot even get to a screen of installation.

    I have Microsoft Edge 38.14393.0.0, Cyberfox, Google Chrome 55.0.2883.28, Maxthon International Limited MX5, Mozilla Firefox 51.0, Mozilla Waterfox 50.0.2, Opera Software 42.0.2393.85, Moonchild Productions Pale Moon 26.5.0, and Yandex; which all work correctly on my computer.

    I prefer Vivaldi, and I was looking forward to seeing your new version.  What can I do, to fix this?bolded text

  • @lfrazier What about using the built-in updater instead?

    Unless you have some kind of AV gone wild, I can't explain your file access issue.

  • Moderator

    @lfrazier - What sort of 3rd party security software do you run?

    What directory are you trying to install it in?

    What version(s) of Vivaldi do you already have, or have you had before?


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