Wiggle launcher icon on new tab

  • Re: Clicking links in an email now immediately focuses Vivaldi 😞

    With Vivaldi 1.6, the browser is no longer brought to front when clicking a link in an e-mail that is displayed in Thunderbird. This solves the issue that the author of the referenced post had, and I, too, prefer the new behavior (stay in the background when a link is clicked in another program).

    However, it would be really nice to have some sort of visual feedback. Chromium for example 'wiggles' its icon in the launcher when a tab is opened and the browser is not in focus. That's great. Could this be possible with Vivaldi, too?

    I'm on Ubuntu 16.10, Vivaldi 1.6.689.34

  • would cairo-dock work for this? when i had cairo, there were more animations and layouts than i could ever use.

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