Focus confusion, input doesn't always go to foreground tab

  • How to reproduce:

    1. In one tab, highlight some text, then right-click and choose "Search for ...."
    2. A new tab will open to your default search engine's results page.
    3. Scroll (or not) to one of the results, and click on it.

    Instead of opening the link, the tab from which the search was launched is made foreground again.

  • It took me a bit to be able to reproduce it.

    The bug does not occur when I do the right-click with:

    • the right button of my mouse
    • a two finger tap (on the trackpad of my MacBook Pro)
    • Ctrl-OneFingerTrackpadTap

    The bug however does occur when I do the right-click with:

    • Ctrl-RightMouseButton
    • Ctrl-TrackpadLeftClick

    Does that match your experience? Did you trigger the bug with a Ctrl-Click or in a different way?

  • @NSSynapse Yes, I am using the ctrl+TrackpadRightClick on the trackpad of my Macbook Pro. Sorry that wasn't clear.

    It never occurred to me to try ctrl+OneFingerTrackpadTap, but that works fine in Vivaldi. The selected text is unselected, though. I have used ctrl-TrackpadRightClick in Chrome without issue, on all platforms (Linux/Windows/Mac).

    It seems this issue arose when I took my employer-provided Macbook (replaced a Windows notebook) with me on vacation for the holidays. At work, I have an external keyboard, monitor and mouse (retained from when I used a Windows notebook) and so I am in unfamiliar territory trying to use my Macbook "native" style. 🙂


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