Tab Bar/Messed up Viv/Can't open new tabs with Tab bar closed

  • Somehow double clicking in the search box enabled the tab bar. Had to close (unclick) tab bar. Now i can't open any tabs in Vivaldi. All new tabs open in the same tab and the + icon is gone. If i enable the tab bar Viv is okay. What have i done wrong? Want to use Viv without the tab bar enabled. Was using 1.5 and thought upgrading to 1.6 would help...but it is still the same....Wth the tab bar closes when i try to open a new tab it uses the same tab.....can only use the one tab.....Open multiple tabs...they appear in the same tab...but if tab bar is enabled all the new tabs are there....TIA

  • Settings/tabs "Show tab bar" is unckecked?
    Doesn't make much sense what you actually want, if you don't want to see the tab bar obviously you don't see tabs.

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