vivaldi freezes when lots of tabs are opened.

  • When I open a certain number of tabs (I don't know the exact number, around 20, I think), vivaldi freezes for a minute. Then I can continue with opening with tabs without any freezes.
    Stably reproduced for me

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    @slidercrank - On what sort of hardware?

  • AMD FX(tm)-8320 Eight-Core Processor
    16GB of RAM
    AMD Radeon HD 7770, proprietary video driver

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    @slidercrank - that hardware should be more than adequate. I'm going to fire up Mint 18 and see what happens there. I have never stress-tested it on that platform. The system I have Mint on is only a 32-bit with a dual core 3.5 GHz processor and 3.75 GB of available RAM, so if it's a global Linux-specific problem, I should see it. I'll report back here.

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    @slidercrank - on my Mint 18 (Sarah), I can't replicate your problem with 30 tabs, including ones that are running some embedded video. Do you run any extensions?

  • Thanks for testing!
    Yes, I do use extensions (like all advanced vivaldi users are supposed to).
    The extensions I use are:

    1. https everywhere
    2. copy url
    3. select like a boss
    4. smart rss
    5. u-block
      The site for testing is
      Note that it's packed with videos/images/coubes.
      (a popular Russian entertaining site)

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    @slidercrank - OK. Tried that. Still no problem. 32 live tabs, clicked on every one to ensure it loaded, played some videos, etc.

    System in question is 32-bit Linux Mint 18 Sarah, AMD Athlon II 270 (dual core @ 3.4 GHz), with NVidia GEForce GT 610 PCIe GPU and 3.75 GB DDR3 1333 RAM.

    Unfortunately, I don't run extensions, but the fact that you do, perhaps gives you something more to test.

  • It's certainly not any systemic/generic Linux-wide V problem. My V SS & Stable never misbehave like OP described [& haven't since probably early or mid 2015]. I routinely have dozens of tabs open; atm = 50 tabs [70'ish is not uncommon]. I use 18 extensions. My RAM is 32 GB, but i'd have thought 16 GB was more than enough for only a couple of dozen tabs. My OS is Maui now, but V also was fine in my prior OS, Mint 17.3 KDE4. It seems there's something weird going on specifically in your own environment. Good luck.
    Tower's SSD OS = Linux Maui 2 "Blue Tang" x64 Plasma 5.8.3.

  • It looks like the problem is in the video driver because the following line can be observed in the output of dmesg:
    vivaldi-bin[26031]: segfault at 0 ip 00007f2c59e81599 sp 00007ffc6318d480 error 4 in[7f2c5884c000+250a000]

  • did you use tools>task manager to find any bottleneck in hardware resources?

  • @monkey_wrench_gang898
    With around 60 tabs opened, memory consumption is this
    $ ps aux|grep vivaldi|awk '{c+=$4}END{print "total=" c*0.16 "GB"}'

    The fourth column is memory in %. Thus I sum this field and multiply by 0.16 (I have 16GB in total)

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