Can't add permanently a non valid certificate

  • Hi all,
    I use Vivaldi browser at work, and I have a problem.
    I go to https webpages which don't have valid certificate. (Printer webpages, router web interface).
    I can connect me, but, after 5 minutes, the website not work anymore (I have the logo as when i try to connect first time).

    Is it possible to add (as Firefox) a certificate permanently in Vivaldi ?

    I don't see the feature to do that.


  • Moderator

    You may start Windows certificate manager as user and add such certificate to trusted root certificates.

  • I do that, but, always have

  • Moderator

    But the problem is that hostname of device and certificate differ or the cert is not correctly created.
    You cant override this in certificates manager.

    Currently the is no solution to set temporary exceptions for invalid SSL certificates.
    But such feature wishes are already in Vivaldi bugtracker.

  • Okay, I will wait 🙂
    I thought that the option was hidden.


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