Vivaldi on Gentoo : Questions about sources (too old?)

  • Hi all,
    I use gentoo, and i use Vivaldi too.
    Now, Vivaldi browser downloaded from deb package and extracted on my system.
    I would like compile from source.

    Today, last version of deb file is vivaldi-stable_1.6.689.34-1_amd64.deb
    But, last sources are vivaldi-source_1.4.589.tar.xz 14/10/16 - 11:10:21 677,2 MB

    Do you know why it's not the last version ?


  • Moderator

    The sources will be updated next days.

  • OK cool 🙂
    Are there a little how to, to compile Vivaldi ?

  • @Adrien_D
    In principle have a look at 'eix' for procedure with Gentoo portage system.
    For general compiling you need to have the necessary (gcc) compiler installed on your Gentoo system and follow these steps for creating targets:
    cd source directory
    make install (as root)

    Hope to help you.

  • Hi,
    Onli configure make and make install ?
    Woow, i will try 🙂

  • @Adrien_D
    In principle, yes. But there's some pre work you need to do, especially you must have installed the compiling environment, -> the gcc compiler.
    If a config file in your source directory is given, then the
    'configure' command prepares the sources for compiling.
    'make' then compiles it.
    'make install' finally installs the target onto the right location onto your system.
    But, beware of (real) errors. Warnings can be ignored.
    It would teach you something about compiling, when you read the 'README' file in the source directory.


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