Vivaldi doesn't finish loading page until I click on a different window

  • I'm running Ubuntu 14.04 and often when I open a new page, Vivaldi starts loading the page I can follow the progress by looking at the counter that is running in the URL bar.

    The counter often stops e.g. at 62/64 or 41/44 and Vivaldi freezes completely. I can't switch to another tab and click on any widget give no response.

    Only If I click once on my desktop or on a different window and then click Vivaldi again, the counter starts running again, the page completes loading and Vivaldi is responsive again.

    I'm running Vivaldi 1.5.658.56. I used to run Vivaldi 1.3 and that had the same problem.

  • @glinders
    I would test in the Ubuntu guest account and a session which uses a different window manager.
    Also test with all extensions/plugins disabled.

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