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  • Is it possible to add google images to the list of search engines? Can't quite figure out if its possible or what url to use.

    go and right click on the search box, Add as search engine, done. You can also repeat it in the search box of search by image/paste image URL, to obviously search by URL instead of keywords.
    Repeat for every search box you find in sites you do your searches.

  • Thank you so much, can't believe that didn't occur to me. Cheers.

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    Here is the config that I use to get Search Engine for Google Images with search suggestions:

    Suggest URL:

    If you'd wish to use Google Images search in language other than english, then replace the domain .com and the hl attribute parameter en with the one that Google uses for your language.

  • Unsure if something to buy online, eg an apartment. Is a scam? Use reverse image search on Google, Bing and Yandex. Using one click to go.

  • There is another alternative for sites where right click > add search doesn't exist. This happens here and there, mostly right click works, but it should be mentioned. If that happens, do the following:

    1. Search as you normally would, for example, use the term "test" or whatever you like, and wait for the results.
    2. Once the results page is up, copy the whole URL.
    3. Go to settings and search and add a new search engine, paste your URL in the first box and give it a keyword/shortcut in the third boxes if you want.
    4. Final step, replace the word "test" with "%s" in your URL before saving.

    In most cases, you don't have to think about anything else, just find "test" and replace it with "%s". Sometimes you have to modify some other aspects of the URL, but if that happens, please come back to the forums and we'll help you out.


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