Apple trackpad and Apple magic mouse support

  • Hi, I'm on MAC and I wish Vivaldi to support Apple trackpad and Apple mouse with swiping between pages just like Apple made with Safari. Thanks

  • Yes, please add the swiping gestures support.
    Many thanks.

    ⌘(arrow keys L/R)

    you could set up a two finger swipe left to ⌘right arrow
    and vice versa for left

    or whatever swipe or tip tap etc

    BTT is free, surprisingly

  • Hi alexpoulsen,

    The basic swipe/tap functions should come as default, without the need for third-party apps.

    That said, BTT is genius.

  • I cant seem to get better touch tool to work on vivaldi…I've tried the way you describe it.

  • I guess, he means swipe left/right and zooming as in Safari.

  • Worked for me.
    You got to assign the gestures to the keyboard shortcuts that navigates back and forward.

  • Huh, thats wierd, I've tried better touch tool multiple times, still doesn't work on vivaldi, works in other applications though…

  • Never thought it would be so annoying to have to go to the 'previous page' '<'.
    One finger swiping on the mouse is just so much easier and faster.
    And it works in Chrome, Firefox, Safari so it's doable.
    Would really appreciate it if this was included in a future release.

  • Me, too! Please support Trackpad Gesture hurriedly! I can't use Vivaldi as default browser, because of not support Trackpad Gesture. 😞

    Incidentally, I can use Trackpad Gesture limitedly without BTT (Better Toch Tool). When Mouse cursor is on the UI of Vivaldi (except Tabbar. on Addressbar, Statusbar, Panel, Speeddial and so on), I can use Trackpad Gesture. Until previous version (ver., I could use Trackpad Gesture on the Tabbar.

  • There is a sort of poor man's version working on vivaldi right now that will work when its not on the ui, you just have to do two finger gesture while clicking (this works if you set right click as two finger clicking, so then you just have to swipe one way or another, making it a mouse gesture). You can't do the trackpad gesture on the tab bar because its supposed to be for the tab scrolling with scroll wheel.

  • I'm finding that using the Apple Magic Mouse to scroll with the command key held down, the page size shrinks quickly rendering the page unusable. This has got to stop!

    And yes, I turned off mouse gestures.


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