Can't continue using Vivaldi like this

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    Just experienced the same thing just now. Vivaldi was starting to getting slow and lag up with certain webpage elements. I had 20 or so tabs open including 6 from youtube and pandora. It seems any site that uses flash causes browsers to lock up over time. So as I do with Firefox when the same thing happens to it, I just close it out and reopen a new browser, and I get my session back.

    This is the second time in a week this has happened. I couldn't recover my last session after reopening. I lost so many important tabs I hadn't bookmarked yet. Not acceptable.

    Sorry Vivaldi.. I hope one day I can come back to your lovely browser, but if my information is not secure, and cant be saved in any way, I have to go back to Firefox.. Not only that, but when I tried to post this thread, Vivaldi was locking up and froze as it tried to load from a google search.

    I can't remember the last time a browser froze with 1 tab open navigating from a google search. It's not my PC as I also have firefox and chrome running on it just fine with no severe issues like this. Also, I couldn't type in the search box in the history window either, so I couldn't even navigate back to my post here from days ago..

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    Vivaldi always saves your last session in the trash at the top right too, if it also loses there then it's a really bad bug.

    Anyway, I've been using Vivaldi since the first public version and never experienced a single time that I lost my last session. I wonder what is causing this to you.

  • @An_dz said in Can't continue using Vivaldi like this:

    Vivaldi always saves your last session in the trash at the top right too

    Not really sure what you mean. I don't see anything named trash, or anything other than the search bar in the top right.

    There needs to be a dedicated session manager that can save the tabs from multiple closed windows, not even just the most recent one. Also a "recently closed tabs" section.

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    @zetaone A session manager is available clicking on the V logo -> File -> Save/Open Session

    There's a trash icon in the end of the tab bar which holds all the "recently closed tabs". It should also show blocked popups.

  • Ahh, I have my tabs on the left so the trash can is the bottom left for me. Good to know. I'd still like a session manager that I could actively navigate to and select which closed windows/sessions I'd like to reactivate. How hard could it be? It's basically just a sorted page history..

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    Hard? Not much. Time consuming? Totally. 😓

    First of, the history page is just the Chromium history, the team does not have a huge knowledge of it as the Chromium authors have created it.

    But the big deal is that the structure of the history is different from the session, it's not just copy-paste because the history is a database while the sessions are individual binary files which include a lot of info about each tab and window, including metadata and the back/forward history of each tab.

    A feature request for what you wish is in the bug tracker, including a panel for it.

    Right now you may try saving the current tabs, or a selection of them - click on the tab with Ctrl or Shift to select them -, as bookmarks by right-clicking any tab. They will be saved as a new folder and you'll be able to move, edit, remove and add sites to it.

    The problem is that you lose the metadata that will have to be re-obtained, the tab history and, the biggest problem, you can't save multiple windows nor can open tab-stacks later. ☹


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