Clicking on links in gmail just open empty tabs

  • Re: Clicking on links in Gmail doesn't work

    This problem is happening to me right now.. When I try to open a link from gmail it opens in a new tab but it's empty.

    I actually have the 1.6.689.34 (Stable channel) (32-bit) version on windows 10.

    There is any fix or solution for this problem.

    I'll be waiting for your comments.


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    @hapl - I have the same setup and platform without your difficulties. If you are in east of Greenwich, UK (globally) its possible this could be a geo-sensitive matter. But just in case, you ought to try to refresh your profile. This fixes a host of sins.

  • @Ayespy
    I continue to have the same problem even after following the steps to refresh my profile.
    My Vivaldi Version is 1.7.735.46 (Stable channel) (a 64 bit) working on Windows7@64


  • @franz.b the problem persists with Vivaldi 1.8.770.50 (Stable channel) (a 64 bit)

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