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  • Hi everybody,
    I'm French, but I can try explain the new comportment of Vivaldi.
    Since the new version (based on the 1.6 Google Chrome), it seems the navigator try to support ICC profil for calibrate screens (like mine).
    Until this, there is no support, so, the images with embed color profil was display in the curent sRGB : not perfect, but, with realistic colors.

    Now, all the images with ICC embed have bab colors.
    We had this issue when Firefox supports ICC profils, but Modzilla gave us an option to adapt display options for calibrate screen and images with color profil.
    It is in about:config, the gfx.color_management.mode, with change the value of this option.

    Links to dig : http://www.color.org/version4html.xalter
    http://www.guide-gestion-des-couleurs.com/quelle-gestion-couleurs-sur-internet.html (in french)

    To understand :
    Test on image

    So, can we have an option or solution to display again good colors for all the images?

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    @Monolecte said in [ICC] Embed color profils gestion:

    So, can we have an option or solution to display again good colors for all the images?

    We can if Chromium code developers implement the usage of all ICC profiles. Even Chrome does not have really modern ICC support.

  • My current problem is that up until yesterday's update, the ICC was not supported and so I had no problem displaying images in Vivaldi.
    But this morning, with the new version, obviously something happened with the ICC support in the Chrome kernel.

    Exactly as with Firefox at the time ... but knowing that we had the ability to change an option to get our screen calibration for embedded profile images AND standard sRGB display for images without embedded profile.

    I use Vivaldi for several months with happiness, but here, it will be complicated to continue.

    I checked: Chrome had well planned to support the ICC for the end of 2016 ... but it is quite catastrophic for people like me, ie graphic designers with calibrated screens.

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    @Monolecte said in [ICC] Embed color profils gestion:

    but it is quite catastrophic for people like me, ie graphic designers with calibrated screens.

    I was not happy about this behavior since old Opera Next.

    I feel with you, my calibrated Eizo (as a webdev i have a calib TFT, too) sometimes shows strange images with ICC.

    But i have no problems with http://www.guide-gestion-des-couleurs.com/quelle-gestion-couleurs-sur-internet.html
    All is ok. Not green like your screenshots!

  • So this must be something that has to do with the ICC profile version of my screen. This is a version 2.2 created with dispatchGUI and Argyll CMS 1.5.1

  • @Gwen-Dragon Can I downgrade Vivaldi to the previous version 1.5? (I'm on Ubuntu LTS 16.04)

  • Ok, I found how to force the return to the latest 1.5 version of Vivaldi (in Synaptic, choose "force version") and hop, miracle, I have nice colors everywhere in Vivaldi. Of course, I blocked the version in apt, to not having to update Vivaldi as the color management problem is not resolved ...

  • Ok, I make THE test to explain my issue.

    I'm staying with the 1.5.658.56-1 version of Vivaldi to have real colors in my browser. To know if Vivaldi using ICC profiles, I go the THE URL : http://www.color.org/version4html.xalter
    and I can se that :
    It's means that Vivaldi 1.5.658.56-1 on Ubuntu LTS can use ICC V2 but not ICC V4.
    It's enough for me.

    So, I've udgraded to the Vilvaldi 1.6.689.46-1 version and I have this :


    It's very disturbing, isn't it?

    So, for an unexpected reason, Vivaldi 1.6 seems have an issue whith… my screen ICC (Yes, I have to calibrate my screen to work, and I have my own ICC profil in my system).

    So, perhaps thoses new informations could help the dev to understand color's issues.

    (Sorry for my english, I'm trying to work without Google Translation…)


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