How do you cancel a dialog box to avoid your changed settings having effect

  • I am a very new user.

    Often when contemplating changing settings, I decide that I don't want the changes that I have made. Often I may not even remember what I changed. In traditional windows dialog boxes, you had a cancel button to exit the dialog box without changes. In Valdi I don't remember seeing any OK, Apply, or Cancel buttons, although I do notice that there is a discard button on the web site submission page.

    How do you cancel out of Vivalidi dialog boxes?

  • That's not possible as far as I know. Programs and graphical environments generally choose one of two logics: A) the one where you have to click OK or Apply to make your selections active and Cancel to retain the current settings, or B) where settings take effect immediately, or if they do not, there is a message saying that you need to restart.

    For me personally, logic A feels traditional and logic B feels trendy, flashy and awkward. B eliminates the extra buttons to dumb down the interface and creates a cool effect when the look of the program changes as you browse a catalogue of styles etc.

    Vivaldi is expected to have (in the future) a huge number of settings that can be filtered in different ways to find what you are looking for. It would be possible to have an option to use logic A, but the interface wouldn't resemble a traditional tabbed settings dialog in that case either.

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