Vivaldi crash in Final Release and Goodbye --"

  • Okay no I'm sure, definitely I don't recommend Vivaldi around me...
    the stupid final block my ALL Vivaldi Browser...
    It's a final update ! not Snapshot ! and If you post quickly the update WITHOUT test I'm sure is just horrible...
    And I have proof, your DON'T test because If you try "vivaldi://mail"
    You find a strange part of Mail program... thank you Vivaldi... thank you...
    You create quickly RC update just for fun or what ?
    Now I'm back to Opera 12.16... I quit Vivaldi until you are sure the browser is "entirely" functional... not before...
    Good bye

    0_1481859636324_Capture d’écran 2016-12-16 à 03.26.45.png
    0_1481859647178_Capture d’écran 2016-12-16 à 03.26.49.png

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    Thanks for your hint. Vivaldi has no mail client yet. Why and when do you use vivaldi://mail? Or did you type it just for fun?

  • I don't think the issue you are describing (i.e., no windows and all menus grayed out) is related to the 1.6 release. I have experienced this issue two or three times in the past 12 months and the last time was in early summer or so. Infrequently, I've seen other people report the issue.

    None has been able to pin down what causes it, because it happens so rarely, but in all cases for me, a simple restart of my Mac fixed the issue (just force quitting Vivaldi without a restart did not help). So that is definitely something simple you can try. If restarting the Mac doesn't help, refreshing your profile (see here) will very likely fix the issue.

    The Vivaldi mail feature is still very much in beta and therefore only enabled for internal builds... except in this case, where apparently something went wrong with disabling it for a public build and nobody noticed it, because the internal testers are used to it being enabled.


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