Language Symbols

  • I wish Vivaldi would correct the code for inputing foreign language symbols. Any time I add an umlaut in German, for instance, it doubles the vowel without accent.

  • Moderator

    How do you enter or compose such deutsche Umlaute?

  • Yes, this bug unfortunately is still present. I've cleaned up the existing issue report VB-4362 a bit and added a note that it's still happening with current builds.

    @Gwen-Dragon, one way to get umlauts and accented characters on macOS if your current keyboard layout does not support them is to do a long-press of, for instance, "e" which then opens a pop-up menu with "é, è, ê, ..." where you can press a number to select one of those options. The bug is that the initial long-press erroneously inserts a character, so you wind up with "eë" instead of "ë".


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