Old version still installed after recent update

  • I updated with the new system and the previous version is still installed. I even have two entries in program files


    Is it safe to uninstall the 1.5 version, or will I lose everything?

    thanks in advance!

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    @internetexplorer - You don't have two versions installed if the system auto-updated. You probably have an incorrect entry in the Control Panel. Uninstalling either or both of the version numbers will not affect your data and settings. In fact, if you try to uninstall the 1.5, you are likely to get an error saying it could not be uninstalled and asking if you want to remove the listing in the control panel.

    CAUTION: If you installed 1.5 standalone, you DO still have it on board, BUT if you "updated" it, it did not install a separate 1.6. The only way to have both is to have at least one of them standalone, and the other one in a different folder. If you didn't take affirmative action to do that, then it's not the case.

  • @Ayespy said in Old version still installed after recent update:

    on to do that, then it's not the case.

    thanks! but it's not a simple blank entry I'm afraid, I have a 1.5 folder with 164 MB data in it.
    I also don't recall installing a standalone version, I always select "all users" when installing

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    @internetexplorer - Your Vivaldi is installed in a very atypical location. First of all, it's on the D drive, and second, it's in your (x86) programs folder. This doubtless caused the installer to fail to delete all of the 1.5 folder. Feel free to unintstall 1.5, and delete the folder if any of it remains.

  • @Ayespy

    atypical location I agree:) hearing about the frequent disk writes vivaldi is producing I decided to install it on my HDD instead of the SSD.

    does the (x86) folder name really matter? would it help if I install it to a newly created D:\Program Files instead?

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    @internetexplorer - Everything would be routine if you let it install in user/appdata folder as intended. If you don't do that, then nothing bad is likely to happen - just weird little stuff like just happened with the update. As long as it's on your D drive, it doesn't really matter what folder it's in or if it's in a folder at all.

    Concerns about SSD life are overblown, by the way. As nutz as SOME installs of Vivaldi get with madly writing to the top sites file all the time (and not all do this. Don't know why some do and some don't), that amount of traffic would take years to affect the viability of your SSD.

  • @Ayespy I agree SSD life are overblown, It's an old habit of mine I guess. I should move it back to the main SSD but this would put me through the horror of setting everything up again:) maybe next time.

    I'm having two other issues, I wonder if the unusual file location could possibly be behind them?

    -blurry UI fonts (unlikely I guess)
    -items in "clear private data" have to be rechecked everytime I open the panel

    and thank you again for your valuable answers!

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    @internetexplorer - Nope. That's just Vivaldi. Recent Chromium builds have created a serious problem with some displays (as to text quality) by forcing directwrite as a default. That still has to be dealt with. As to your private data thing, Vivaldi's Private Data UI is a work in progress. Your symptoms are normal.

    You can still use the Chromium one, by using the History button on the Start Page (Speed Dial).


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