How to keep speed dial on chrome://dummystartpage

  • Hello and merry christmas to one and all

    it is a long time since I was on vivaldi

    back then I asked a question re how to keep speed dial focused
    I was given the following

    In Tools/Settings, make your home page chrome://dummystartpage

    but it does not work anymore?

    basically I wish to put all my bookmarks in the speed dial and it opens up as Homepage or startpage e.t.c.

    please can someone tell me how to do this now

    regards Steve

  • You want to set Speed Dial as your home page? In that case use this address: vivaldi://startpage

  • Hello that was super quick many thanks,and it works.

    can i also ask I have moved all my bookmarks to the bookmark bar how do i imort them or move them to the speed dial?

    then I will be very happy
    regards Steve

    @pafflick said in How to keep speed dial on chrome://dummystartpage:


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    @rcyachtman - @pafflick is correct. The old shortcut is now obsolete. The new proper address is vivaldi://startpage or vivaldi:startpage .

  • @rcyachtman Go to bookmarks, click (with right mouse button) on the folder with bookmarks that you'd wish to have in your Speed Dial and select "Use as Speed Dial".

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