EXTREME Instability

  • However today (2016 12 15) I installed the Vivaldi update. I have four tabs pinned to Vivaldi so that I don’t close them on accident. However VIVADLI CRASHES ON ITS OWN, as soon as I switch to a different program on the computer.

    The last build worked flawlessly. This one is so unstable, that I cannot pin tabs to the browser, and then work on another window without it crashing or closing on me.

    This is kinda annoying. Any thoughts.

    NO I am not "accidentally closing my browser" when I switch windows. I am actually using the Task bar to switch between them. No I am not right clicking on the Vivaldi icon and selecting close to remove it from focus.

  • Moderator

    I cant reproduce this with Vivaldi 1.6.689.34 32bit on Windows 10x64 Pro v1607 (Build 14393-576).
    I switched with shortcut Win+Tab and with Dexpot's Alt+Tab to other started programs and back to Vivaldi.

    Do you have any Extensions in Vivaldi or Desktop programs installed?
    How do you switch to another program and force such crash?
    Please give me a explanation.


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