Best snapshot so far!

  • Vivaldi Ambassador is by far the best snapshot so far. Maybe it's just me but pages load faster and videos load much better than before. Switching between tabs has also improved. Cold start-up seems to be a tad quicker than (v1.5 25 sec. v1.6 18 sec.).
    My favorite and default browser just got better. To the devs. a great big "Thank You!".

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    But there is no new snapshot or did i miss something? The Vivaldi from today is 1.6 Final.
    But which Snapshot do you want to see a the best?

  • Vivaldi Ambassador

    I'm talking about The one released today. I might be wrong but v1.x is the current version until v2.x is released
    every other "final" release is a snapshot. I could be wrong though.

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    @Para-Noid OK, you talk about the 1.6.689.34 Stable/Final.

    Nice to hear that it pleases you in startup speed.
    The startup process was optimized over some 1.6 Snapshots since 1.5 Stable until now.

    I enjoy fast starts of Vivaldi, too :)

  • @Para-Noid To answer your last question: you are wrong. :-)

    There are STABLE builds for every version x.y... (x being the major version; y being a minor update). This will still have a full number x.y.z1.z2.

    Then every week or so there is a SNAPSHOT, which is testing new features for the next update and/or fixing bugs. This will also have a x.y.z1.z2 number, but it is usually higher than the last stable version.

    The current main version has just updated to 1.6.689.34 (Stable channel).
    The last snapshot was a release candidate for the stable, so it is 1.6.689.32 (Official Build).

    If you install the stable, it will only update with each x.y change - the snapshots will update all the time.

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