Best snapshot so far!

  • is by far the best snapshot so far. Maybe it's just me but pages load faster and videos load much better than before. Switching between tabs has also improved. Cold start-up seems to be a tad quicker than (v1.5 25 sec. v1.6 18 sec.).
    My favorite and default browser just got better. To the devs. a great big "Thank You!".

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    But there is no new snapshot or did i miss something? The Vivaldi from today is 1.6 Final.
    But which Snapshot do you want to see a the best?

  • I'm talking about The one released today. I might be wrong but v1.x is the current version until v2.x is released
    every other "final" release is a snapshot. I could be wrong though.

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    @Para-Noid OK, you talk about the 1.6.689.34 Stable/Final.

    Nice to hear that it pleases you in startup speed.
    The startup process was optimized over some 1.6 Snapshots since 1.5 Stable until now.

    I enjoy fast starts of Vivaldi, too 🙂

  • @Para-Noid To answer your last question: you are wrong. 🙂

    There are STABLE builds for every version x.y... (x being the major version; y being a minor update). This will still have a full number x.y.z1.z2.

    Then every week or so there is a SNAPSHOT, which is testing new features for the next update and/or fixing bugs. This will also have a x.y.z1.z2 number, but it is usually higher than the last stable version.

    The current main version has just updated to 1.6.689.34 (Stable channel).
    The last snapshot was a release candidate for the stable, so it is 1.6.689.32 (Official Build).

    If you install the stable, it will only update with each x.y change - the snapshots will update all the time.


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