[Feature request] Autosaving Sessions

  • I'm going to speak from the perspective of a power user. I do lot of searching for guides, documentation and examples for the stuff I do (photo, video and 3d editing, programming, modding games and programs). For that I like tab stacking, I can have a tab stack for 3d stuff, another for programming resources and so on. But having ton of tabs at startup isn't really making it smooth. Also most of the times bookmarking the site is just too much, I bookmark it and never go back to it. This is why I liked sessions in Opera, but the problem was that you had to manually save it. And to save on top of previous session, you had to write the session name exactly right. This made me keep only short names/description on sessions and at times had to temporarily save it with different name to figure which was the one I was using. Vivaldi could add session manager with autosaving open tabs to current session. Session switching could be done with a dropdown in some part of the window, possibly the bottom bar. Have a popup at startup asking which session you want to run or have option selecting "default" session that's opened at startup. And to improve the feature when syncing is available, sync those sessions to cloud. Problem I see here is: Multiple windows. Do you treat them as separate sessions (each window has it's own session)[/li] In the case of windows having separate session, two windows can't have the same session, unless they are linked. (open new tab in the first and the same tab opens in the second, which mostly useless)


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