On a Touch Screen not running well

  • Has anyone talked about using Vivaldi on a touch screen?

    It really doesn't run well on Surface when tablet mode, 😢

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    @quirinux said in On a Touch Screen:

    Has anyone talked about using Vivaldi on a touch screen?


    @quirinux said in On a Touch Screen:

    It really doesn't run well on Surface when tablet mode, 😢

    TBH it doesn't work too well on ANY touchscreen device, though there is some progress and I hope they'll be fixing it soon.

  • I want to use Vivaldi on my Surface Pro 3, but the touch screen doesn't work! What't up with that? Any workaround?

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    @PrimeTime21 I use Bluetooth mouse with my tablet, though I resort to this kind of workaround only when I need to. Vivaldi is pretty whimsical about touch screens, but I do manage to operate it with my fingers, though I use my tablet occasionally...

  • It's a pain to use Vivaldi with touchscreen, it's constantly locking itself and becoming unresponsive to touch.
    Every single time I have to reattach keyboard to tablet.

    Vivaldi Team, please fix it!
    I just discarded Opera for Vivaldi but I am being more and more frustrated by this touch issue.

  • Still a pain to use touch on Surface Pro 3 (or any other Windows PC with touchscreen)...

  • I just started using today, maybe I'm on an updated version. Touch seems to be responsive - browsing is fine with webpage elements, but I'm hoping there's a way to change the size of the forward and back buttons, using them on a touch screen requires too much precision.

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    @brandoncomputer I haven't seen much progress with the touch support since the release of 1.8 Stable, but I'm glad to hear that it's working fine for you. I've set the UI zoom to 120% on my tablet, to enlarge the buttons. It's available in the Appearance Settings: vivaldi://settings/appearance/ > User Interface Zoom.

    The two things that I don't like about the UI zoom is that it affects the Speed Dial page, while the context menus are not affected at all. But I believe that this will be improved in the future...

  • I'm disappointed that a modern browser should be so poor in its touchscreen performance. The reviews were great but as I use a Surface Pro, I expect a stable, fully functioning touch-based interface. Vivaldi works fine when I start it up, but it loses touch functionality pretty soon. Nothing in the limited help system or the settings. It also has really odd behaviour with Google Maps which I think is related.
    For me, touchscreen operation is a killer issue, and no matter how fast Vivaldi is, or how much I can customize it, I won't be using it until this is fixed.

  • Yes, i've been using it since almost day one on my lenovo x1 and it freezes often due to some webpages, i have not understood which content does it, sometimes maybe interactive flash content or javascript heavy content. Sometimes then i have to push many times on the screen to get it going, sometimes only restart the browser helps. Anyway i've told them twice off the bug and presented it as a bug but no answer so far. All other browsers have no problems with touch. I will see what comes with opera neon, maybe i will switch back to opera, since this team does not want to fix the problem.

  • I have same unhappiness on xps with touch screen,i have to use touch pad to click "back" .that's so unbelievable using so powerful vivaldi

  • This is also my main Problem. I love Vivaldi, but i keep getting back to Edge when using my Surface Tablet. This is so sad. Please try to fix this. Features are great, but this is a hugh lack of usability to me. I even can not select any text from websites while using touch.

  • Same problem here. I'm using a Surface Book 2 and in tablet mode, the browser does not work well. Selecting a tab, for example, closes it rather than activating it. The X can be disabled, but in desktop mode I need this.

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    They are working on it, but it is something they have to rewrite, so it may take some time.


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