use Temp folder?

  • Re: Vivaldi cannot use Temp folder?

    Still have this bug on latest version. Vivaldi saves file in my download directory when i chose "Open".
    Really bothers me. My download folder is for me, not for Vivaldy playgames. Store your things somewhere else.
    Or maybe this is by intent?

  • So far Vivaldi has only one default directory for any download, and open implies download and execution, if that extension is registered to be opened with a default program. I'm sure more options will be implemented later to separate the things.

  • So why Vivaldy does not delete file after opening?

  • @eugene128736871 because some like me, prefer to do it by themselves. What I need will be moved to its proper directory, what I don't need anymore will be deleted by me. In any case, after a file is opened, it's in use and hardly can be deleted. It can be marked as to be deleted after it's not being used anymore, but only if the OS allows this.
    I'm sure there will be an option for this some day.

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