Will all these complicated techie remedies be built-in next version for non-techie newbies?

  • Title says it all.

    It's not just me, but I find fellow web-surfing non-techie newbies tasting Vi who find these very-well intended and generous techie solutions for video and performance issues on these forums too involved and complicated to implement. Can Vi's crew give announcements on any regular updates that integrate these corrections?

    Thank you and keep up the great work.

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    @jwg - Some video and performance issues are already being addressed and will be seen as corrected in future versions. "Next" version is not all that meaningful, as versions come out every week or so, with incremental changes, and a full-decimal-place Stable version, incorporating the smaller changes up to that time, comes out every six weeks or so.

    As to WHICH fixes (there are different ones at different levels for different issues) you mean, that's hard to say. Some will be cleaned up as a matter of routine, and some are incompatibilities in the Chromium engine or, more rarely, Vivaldi, with this or that particular hardware setup, and these are harder to address, because the developers can't replicate and fix every hardware incompatibility bug. That's why there are options to override the hardware blacklist, enable/disable gpu acceleration, etc.

    So unfortunately, your question is rather too broad to get a single specific answer.

    You might as well ask "Will the bugs in Vivaldi be fixed in the next version?" Some will, some won't.


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