Vivaldi tab stack problem

  • I use this feature a lot and find it very useful. But there is a minor annoyance with Vivaldi tab stack: If you group a lot of tabs (16 or more), the tab tile list will go over the menu. So if I want to right-click the tab stack I have to move the mouse quickly before the tab list view appears.
    alt text
    Also you can't view all the tab at once nor there is an option to show more tab in tab stack preview if there are too many.

    My suggestions:

    • When hovering on the tab stack, the preview should not cover the menu.
    • Implementing the middle cursor to scroll the list of tabs in tab stack when hovering on it.


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    @rthinker On my 1920 x 1080 monitor @ 100% UI Zoom I don't see that problem until I have more than 24 tabs in a stack (6 columns x 4 rows). If you have a smaller monitor, change the interface zoom from 100% to fit more tabs. At 80% UI zoom I can fit 8 columns. It's the same story with speed dial. I can fit 5 columns @ 100%. If I want more, I will need to change the UI Zoom.

    Although the developers could make the thumbnail grid scrollable, or automatically resize it to fit the view-port, etc., I think that's unreasonable. How many users will need so many tabs in a stack? Split them into two stacks, or find some other solution. There's always going to be a limit somewhere.

    Maybe buy a Ginormous Plasma Screen

  • @Pesala Most of the time when I was doing some research I have a tendency to open many tabs, and tab stack is a god-sent. I know about the UI zoom but I don't want to change it just because I have many tabs in tab stack and I cannot close it. Also, about the fitting the thumbnail grid on the screen or making it scrollable, I think we should leave the options for those who want it.

    I know there are some add-on out there would do the job but i found it more intuitively to work with tabs directly from the browser. I wish I could buy a big screen though 😃


  • @rthinker
    I fully agree.
    In O12 the preview of a stack is viewed in a well sized window in which I can scroll down in case of a big number of tabs.
    Can we have such thing in Vivaldi, please?

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    The issue with many tabs in tabstack is known, but unfixed VB-17414 "Tab stack thumbnail interaction broken"


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