Update 1.6.689.13 - packeg decompressing error

  • hi folks, i try to install updates (1.6.689.13 - RC1) right now but i got 2 windows error.

    The first windows say somenthing going wrong but i don't remember what, sorry. Then, i try restart Vivaldi and checking, again, for updates. Found it and download it, got another error window that say (I'll try to translated in english):

    • Setup was unable to unpack the archive. Reinstall Vivaldi...

    I'm on Compaq Presario C700 - Windows 7 - 2 giga ram

    What could be the problem?

  • @Marko-Indaco Sounds like you deleted the binary archive (vivaldi.7z) that the delta update process uses.

    See https://forum.vivaldi.net/topic/11520/bug-delta-updates-failing

  • @TbGbe thank you for reply. I read the thread that you post. What happens to @mallen could be the same for me but not sure. I give a close look at the "Info about Vivaldi" page from the Help menu, and i found that i'm on: 1.6.689.29 (Official build)
    So, i'm a bit confuse due to the fact it try to update to an older package...

    I was not aware of Vivaldi.7z file and how it works. I made a search scan now in my machine but i can't find it, just like you said probably delete it (btw i don't know what program could delete it.. maybe CCleaner... i'll do a check later).

    My AV is Avira with Windows firewall but I never had problems with that before.

    I'll try a fresh new install in the meantime...

  • Moderator

    May be the download was broken.

    • Open in Explorer folder %TEMP%
    • Delete the content
    • Start Vivaldi
    • Alt key -> Help -> Check for Updates
    • let updater install new Vivaldi version

  • hi @Gwen-Dragon

    Well, i just add the %TEMP% folder to CCleaner scan (it's the same folder where the update package were downloaded), and made a scan-cleaning. All good.
    But... restarting Vivaldi i notice that it don't prompt me for update, at least not automatically, so, i check it by using the Alt key -> Help -> Check for Updates as you suggest and my situation is:

    0_1481724320784_Vivaldi - info panel.png

    0_1481724389784_Vivaldi - Updating window - 14 December 2016 - (15.10 pm).png

    It works now. Deleting the package in %Temp% folder and manually re-calling the update seems working. I only got the This program might not have installed correctly window. I select This program installed correctly...

    @Gwen-Dragon If it's ok can you please put [Solved] since i cannot edit anymore the first post... thanks

  • @Marko-Indaco That is saying that a new version is available. Above the Note it states that the "new version" is 1.6.689.32.

    And you currently are using 1.6.689.29.
    The note refers to changes since the older version 1.6.689.13

    So you do want to update 😃

  • @TbGbe yes, it was my fault, misunderstanding that since the older version 😃 ... btw the first attempt doesn't work..


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