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  • uhm hii everyone can anyone tell me on how can i set an extension as a homepage? like for example i opened Vivaldi and the extension is automatically displayed. The extension i'd like to see is momentum (new tab page) 😞 can anyone help me please

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    It doesn't seem to be possible atm (at least without modifying Vivaldi core files, which I didn't tried). I've tried editing the extension source code to replace the default chrome new tab address (chrome://newtab) with the one used in Vivaldi (which is vivaldi://startpage), but it didn't work. I'm not sure if Vivaldi allows replacing the startpage URL upon the installation of the extension or if it ignores the redirection rules set by extensions upon opening new tabs. It just doesn't work.

    You can post request for such feature here. You can then keep checking back here once in a while, and post your request again, when a new version of the browser rolls out and a new feature requests thread starts.

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    There are a couple of threads that describe how to do it (for speed dial at least) whereby you enter an address that contains the long ID-code of the extension. Not sure if this would also work for home page. I suppose it would depend on the type of extension.

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    OK, I tried the hard way (with editing the code), while Vivaldi provides an easy way, that I've somehow missed! I was looking for this in the settings, but in the wrong category (Start Page), whereas this is actually located in Tabs Settings: vivaldi://settings/tabs/.

    Look for the New Tab Page settings and select the input area (last option) and simply add chrome://newtab there and you will have the default Chrome behavior for start page extensions.

    If you want to have this custom start page displayed upon opening the browser, * then go to the Startup Settings: vivaldi://settings/startup/ and under "Startup with" select "Specific Pages" and when the "Enter page URL" field appears, simply add this address there: chrome://newtab.
    You can also set chrome://newtab as your homepage and select "Startup with: Homepage".

    * This way you'll lose all tabs from your current session upon closing the browser, so you'll need to save and restore your session manually if you'd like to keep opened tabs after closing the browser.

  • It works fine for me and my dad. We both use the extension Speed Dial 2. After installing, we set the new tab homepage in Vivaldi settings to be chrome://newtab and it works fine after that.


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