New Tab Page: What It Opens.

  • So some of you may of heard of Momentum which is a really cool "speed dial" extension in my opinion. (Not saying Vivaldi's built-in one is terrible). I would use it if it came with custom tab thumbnails. And yes, I know that one doesn't have custom thumbnails how ever at the time I was looking for a new one that did but this happened...

    If your confused:(You can skip this)
    A speed dial extension is a extension that controls what happens when you open a new tab. So I open Momentum's Tab page instead of Vivaldi's.

    But I discovered one annoying issue, they simply don't work in Vivaldi I tried multiple extensions to make sure it wasn't an issue in the extensions code.

    Now I found a REALLY annoying work around. You can go to vivaldi://newtab and it will work as expected.

    Now we all know and have to admit this browser uses Chromium(which isn't bad) in other words it doesn't really have official extension support but it is pretty obvious we have it and use it.

    Annoying side note... When I created my account I intended to have the username as iWillAlwaysHateTheNewOpera but during trying to make it shorter(character limit). I accidentally removed hate. So I am NOT at all a fan of the new opera. If opera 12 was improved upon I am I would use it to do this day but it wasn't 😧.

  • @IWillAlwaysTheNewOpera
    Feature request for 3rd party "speed dial" or "newtab", whatever, already posted multiple times.

    I suggest you to check and/or vote here:

  • @dLeon Huh I didn't find it when I did a search huh what ever thanks 😃


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