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  • Hello, I have been using Vivaldi for a while now and so far my list of suggestions/features/bugs/concerns are as follows. 1. The memory usage is a bit much, even compared to the other browsers, I have a single tab with this forum open. And it is currently using 501.2+217.7+118.8+58 [b]895.7[/b] MB (Mac). 2. No Mac gesture support (trackpad two finger back/forward). 3. Settings is in the Tools menu? Took forever to find it, every other single Mac app has the settings under the App's main menu (Vivaldi). 4. I would love to see the same sort of Google Chrome extension plugin that new Opera has. Things I love. 1. CSS/HTML browser UI is really well done. I love the ability to change pretty much any aspect of the browser. 2. I LOVE side tabs, this has nothing to do with Vivaldi. But I have Firefox & Chrome open at both times just so I can use Side tabs in Firefox. 3. Basically the entire idea.

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