News Flash: Vivaldi plans to build World’s Faster Browser by shrinking keyboard!!

  • Or at least that’s how it seems.

    Let me explain. I’ve used Opera (Presto) since slightly after the US Civil War. One of the early attractions was the ability to create sensible & ergonomic keyboard shortcuts. One of those key shortcuts was Ctrl + ~ to replace Ctrl + W. Over the years this has not only become instinctive in my browsers but many other programs that I was able to modify. And so today if I were to lose that shortcut i’d probably just stop closing tabs. Forever.

    So when ver 1.5 was released I accepted it, as I always did, but when I tried to run it my favorite keyboard shortcut no longer worked! After playing with it for a bit it was clear the browser no longer “saw” or recognized the “~” key. So I filed bug report VB-23450, assuming that it couldn’t be that big a deal and that it would be fixed before too long. When the next 1.5 upgrade came out I saw that VB-23450 wasn’t in the changelog so I went poking around the forum and found a moderator’s post claiming that this bug won’t be fixed because “it would be too much work”!!!

    After I picked myself up off the floor and slapped myself a few more times - in case I was dreaming - I sat myself down and tried to figure out what was going on. I have well over 100 apps on my computer and every one of them recognize the “~” key. And every browser i’ve ever used - and i’d have to take off both my gloves AND my socks to count them all - recognize the “~” key - including Vivaldi through ver But now V has dropped support for the “~” key? That’s clearly preposterous. Unless...

    And then it hit me. Supposing that “listening for” 100+ keys is slowing the browser down? Couldn’t they speed things up if the could discard a few “superfluous” keys? Like the Fx keys - are they really necessary? And numbers - couldn’t we spell them instead? And if this theory is correct - and i’m hoping you gurus out there can set me straight here - the wouldn’t the ultimate setup be just vowels: A, E, I, O & U?

    So if this theory is correct then prepare yourself for the World’s Fastest Browser.

    But if i’m wrong about this then someone needs to talk to that developer and explain that the “~” is a standard & necessary key on the US keyboard and can’t simply be deleted from the list of keys that a respected browser recognizes.

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    @laffin_boy Your post is a bit of a stretch, as is the Ctrl + ` shortcut.

    On my UK keyboard, it's not ~ but ` grave accent, and it's a dead key for typing àèìòù.

    Nevertheless, I just mapped it to Close Window, and it worked., so try the latest Snapshot.

    Specs: AMD A10-6800K, 8 Gb on Win 7 64-bit • Snapshot 1.6.689.29

  • Hi @Pesala

    That doesn't at all explain why it wasn't "difficult to map" in all of previous browser history until ver 1.5. This key has worked since slightly after the Battle of Hastings but now, all of a sudden it's "too hard to map".

    I assume that the European developers would like to retain US users (as obnoxious as we are...)

    How about a plain english explanation for a simple user on why a standard US keyboard key is now "too hard to map"?

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    @laffin_boy Please don't open many threads about your shortcut problem on the same issue.


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