Vivaldi 1.6RC 1 - Vivaldi Browser snapshot 1.6.689.29

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    We start off the week with the first release candidate for Vivaldi 1.6. This RC resolves a major regression for Mac users with swiping through history.

    Note: This build will receive updates from the snapshot autoupdate stream. Even if there are no additional changes, Vivaldi will be rebuilt for the stable autoupdate stream, resulting in another version number change.


    • [Regression] Swipe history navigation stopped working on Mac (VB-23679)
    • Setting for "Hide the mousecursor" does not disable (VB-23965)
    • Improve thumbnail generation for redirects and dynamically generated pages (VB-24076)
    • Updated various translations
    • Updated Chromium to 55.0.2883.92


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