[Bug] video playback/loading often interrupted -> "missing keyframe" artifact

  • There's this problem I've had with vivaldi since the beginning a year ago. Mp4s on 9gag and probably other places dont play well in vivaldi (but they do in firefox and chrome).

    I recorded it happening: https://leaumar.net/dump/artifact.mp4

    It can happen at different points in the same mp4 when I clear the cache and try again. Once the video has been downloaded completely (and cached, probably) it can be played properly. If I enable the video control overlay, I can see that the file is loaded quickly, and then loading suddenly stops at some point (which is where the artifact will show up). If I seek to a point before that, playback restarts and the buffer fills up again nicely, but if the video is long enough it just happens again further in the video.

    Honestly, just go to 9gag.com and scroll for a while until you come across a "gif" (mp4) post at least a minute or so long and it'll happen.

    My internet connection is fine and so are 9gag's servers.

    Please look into this, it's silly that this somehow still happens after so long and only in vivaldi.


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