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  • Hi everybody,

    I'm a new user. I've just downloaded the latest version of Vivaldi (1.5) and I've installed it. It's seems a very cool browser but I have a problem: as soon as I'm opening the browser I have a warning from my AV (Avira) that detects PUA/SearchBar.OA. I'm running Win7 64bit.


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  • It's 99% chance that it's one of your extensions, as manifest.json are files that can be usually found in chromium browser extensions. Try nailing down the file's exact location and then remove it along with it's parent directory folder (the one with gibberish name, like "djpalhdlnbpafiamfhsjkpwpsklaphjbkeiagn").

    Since Avira moved the file to quarantine, you can find it by opening up Avira (double click on the tray icon and open Avira from there), clicking on "Quarantine" in the left panel and checking the "Source" column for the file manifest.json. If you bring up the window from your screen you can also hover over the "Filename:" row to see the full path.

    If you haven't added that extension yourself, then you probably have some virus on your computer, that added this malicious extension without your permission. You should probably perform a full system scan, just in case...

  • thanks a lot for your reply. I'll try to follow your instructions performing a system scan because it was my first installation of Vivaldi. With other browsers I never had this kind of issue.

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  • Hi,

    at the end I sent the log directly to the Avira Team. They analyzed it and declared that is a false recognition. You can see the report here:



  • Which file it was then? Was it inside the "Extensions" folder or somewhere else?

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