My first review

  • Greetings! Today I installed Vivaldi and I am pretty much happy with it! But there is couple of things I found "must to be done". Before I start listing stuff I would like to say sorry if you have some of them, but I didn't find how. 1. I cannot unstack tabs once I stack them. 2. I have 2 step security on my Facebook, and when I log in, Facebook alerts me that someone logged in through Chrome, also you have Chrome style tab when you ask does I want to save password, be original. 3. I find it very hard to use next and previous tab function. Sometimes when I click shortcut for previous tab (not recent) he move me to next instead previous. 4. If I want to swap between tabs quickly using shortcut I found that there is some kind of lag, not lag that need optimization, it's lag like it simply don't receive my command.


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