Thank youfor making a successor to my beloved opera 12.17

  • I did'nt know, there was such a browser, until i searched extensively for a new one.
    I love the work you are doing but as an avid opera 12.17 user to this day, i wanted to tell you
    about few features that i miss from old opera and could'nt find them on Vivaldi.

    1. 95% of the time i use speed dial because of it's ease of use, but i don't care for bookmarks.
      They are more like save something and forget. But my speed dial links (around 20 of them), i use them all. important ones first. So the keyboard shortcut's are good but missing
      ctrl+1/ctrl+2 etc. shortcuts that directed me to some sites. It made my internet experience faster.

    2. I loved the possibility to define popup settings (and not limited to) for each site (although i have seen some half automatic solutions in Vivaldi).

    3. Built in ad blocker, where you can use wildcards. (i guess, there can be found some kind of adblocker with the same ease of use). Right now i use contentblockhelper and ublock origin
      but they feature (as far as i know) only the eye beauty of sites. But they do not necessarily block elements defined in custom filters, they load them and then remove them.

    4. I liked the old opera search functions more. I don't think the same kind of ease of use is present here. For example, i had made custom imdb search option in there. And although
      i kept the google as default, i sometimes needed imdb. So when i had in front of me a list of movies, i highlighted first one, pressed RMB, held ctrl+shift and chose "search with > imdb" with LMB. After that, it opened the search in the background and in the same site, the default search engine in right click menu changed into imdb, so all i had to do, was highlight the second movie name and (while holding ctrl+shift) press RMB and then LMB on search.
      It automatically searched from imdb then. It was very timesaving. Would love to see something analog in Vivaldi.

    5. Would love to see opera extensions supported (need the youtube downloader, but have'nt checked the chromium extensions yet)

    6. Adding to speed dial is not as easy as it was in opera, in both methods i used (i can elaborate upon request).

    7. Speed dial could be more configurable 6 sites in line was much more preferable than 5

    Tell me please, what do you think of these features. And i will add more of them, as i'll find/remember them.

    And once again, Thank you.

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    @p999 Site settings are found on the popup menu that you get by clicking on the URL badge.

    Search with is already available.

    0_1481554413847_Search With.png

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    1. It has been requested multiple times, you can check the Feature Requests for 1.6 and vote for the features you'd like to see the most there. You can also add your own requests there (one request per post and try to keep them concise).
    2. You can set these type of parameters for each individual page, by clicking the globe / padlock icon in the address bar. To change them globally, go to the Content Settings page by following this URL: chrome://settings/content.
    3. See 1.
    4. See 1.
    5. I don't think it's ever going to happen, though it will always be possible to rebuild them, to make them work in Vivaldi. It just requires skills, time and knowledge... 😜
    6. See 1.
    7. 6 items is the current limit, but it has been requested already to increase the maximum number of columns in SD. Again, see 1.

    Just keep in mind that Vivaldi developers are a relatively small team and they have a lot of things to deal with (like fixing bugs, implementing new features, maintaining their web services, feeding their families, living their lives, etc.), so you need to be patient when waiting for the features that you want the most. And don't lose hope, if you don't see any of them in the new version of Vivaldi. It may take time, but they promise to listen to our voices and to give us every feature that we want (as long as it's reasonable of course, and not too difficult to implement).

    But until you get your features, you can just keep checking back here once in a while, and post your requests again each time a new version of the browser rolls out and a new feature requests thread starts. 🙂

  • Thank you everyone.
    Oh i have patience, and will keep up with the development and i will use it daily.
    Site settings is really something, wish i'd knew where to look earlier.
    To Vivaldi team: Big thank you for starting this project. May my support
    give you strength 🙂


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