Proper chrome.downloads API support

  • Greetings fellow extension developers,
    I have a personal extension doing dynamic conditional downloads by using the chrome.downloads API. Searching the forum didn't turn up anything useful for me on this topic so I'll ask here. Here is a sample:


    var request  = { 
         url: "",
         folder: "someSubfolder",
         filename: "Vivaldi.exe"
                        url: request.url,
                        filename: request.folder + "/" + request.filename,
                        conflictAction: 'overwrite'

    Expected result:

    • File saved to DownloadFolder/someSubfolder/Vivaldi.exe
    • Overwritten if exists.

    Actual result:

    • File saved to DownloadFolder/Vivaldi.1.5.658.56.exe
    • Overwrite flag is ignored. On subsequent save it becomes Vivaldi.1.5.658.56 (1).exe..

    Works in chrome and opera since v32. Does not work in any version of Vivaldi including current one.

    Is there any hope for this to be properly implemented in the near future?

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