I can't use Vivaldi Mail as email for notifications

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    Why cannot I use the Vivaldi Mail domain for email notifications, being I use more the Vivaldi one?

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    I just happened to activate alerts for either a forum and a blog post - and decativate it immediately once I noticed the notification emails aren't sent to my Vivaldi email account because I'm not allowed to use the vivaldi.net domain in my profile. :S

    Well, having an email account I can't use to receive alerts from the very same community provider doesn't make any sense to me, doesn't it?

    Any official comment or other guidance to epiphany is appreciated, thanks.


  • +1 thumbsup for this.

    It would be cool if I could use my vivaldi.net address for my Vivaldi account. It's a bit annoying that notifications are sent to the address currently registered because I want all the information about this community to be gathered in Vivaldi e-mail, not in any other e-mail addresses.


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