"Update Error! An error occurred in retrieving update information; are you connected to the internet?"

  • Re: "Update Error!" when checking for updates
    this happened again to me, in our workplace our firewall allows all https connections but only few whitelisted http connections, so the updates always fails downloading the delta update. Seems like it uses http to get the file because I've solved like this, forcing https on all vivaldi.com subdomains:

    Add domain: vivaldi.com (no http:// or https:// here)
    Include subdomains for STS: checked
    Include subdomains for PKP: checked

    restart Vivaldi. update window shows, push install, download happens immediately and work.

  • I have to take it back, now even this doesn't work anymore, and I keep getting the update error. Downloading the full installer of 1.6.689.40 works, the autoupdate doesn't even try to get the delta update.
    I take that the CDN is randomizing the actual url of the delta to a http: and not https: domain, so our firewall just negates it.

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