Deleting a bookmark from the URL autofill dropdown list

  • When you enter a URL, and you have autofill enabled, you will see a list of URLs from the bookmark and history list that matches the URL as you type it. If you then hover the mouse over a URL in the history list, there will be an X to the right, this allows you to delete that URL from the history list. But you don't see the same in the bookmark list, it would be great if the bookmark list had the same feature.

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    @gangerolv I see the delete button for history, but not for bookmarks.

    I agree that this would be useful, although one can easily delete bookmarks from the Bookmarks Panel or from the Bookmarks Tab, it is only when you come across something by accident that you realise that it needs to be deleted, unless you spend a few hours doing some "house-keeping." To add a screen shot to a post, click the cloud icon on the toolbar above the message reply box.

    0_1481521510452_Delete from History.png

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    @gangerolv - I moved this topic to the correct category as you requested.


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