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  • Hi, I just switched my default browser to Vivaldi and so far has been very pleased. The main reason for my switch is that Chrome has become such a memory hog that I can't run it property with my 4GB labtop. Vivaldi has a much smaller footprint and seems to do everything Chrome can except a few Google Sync features. I do have a bug with X-Notifier extension. It shows the new mail count but it does not respond when I click on it. It is supposed to open the Yahoo Mail page. Is there a fix for that? Thanks.

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    Bug is known as VB-23516 "Extension X-notifier is not working"

  • Hello, I just swiched again to vivaldi after a couple of years and I remembered why I stopped use it. It was this bug with x-notifier. The problem is that instead to open the menu with email accounts it just rescan for new mails. This behaviour happens only in vivaldi. I've tried other chromium based browsers, as slimjet, which don't have this issue with this addon. So, is there any chance to have a fix for this?

  • When fix?
    For 6 months, nothing has been fixed.

  • Pls fix bug!!!
    I send the second time already to the bug report

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    Bug is confirmed now by a internal team member.

  • What's the status? Would really like to use the extension. I used it for a long time on Firefox and was really happy it was available in the Chrome Store. But for some reason it is not working on Vivaldi.

  • I'd love to get it fixed as well!


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