Random crashes while watching Youtube videos.

  • I'm at the version "1.6.689.13 (64-bit)", the last snapshot available as of today, and like I said on the title I'm getting some random crashes when watching a Youtube video. It only happens when I play the first video after opening the browser, and not with the next ones (at least in my experience), and it doesn't happen every time.

  • Moderator

    What do you mean by crash? Dead bird? Closing of Vivaldi? Crshing Windows? Blue Screen? Fire on your PC?

    Please explain. And please give us a URL which video fails.

  • I'm having the same issue. It just randomly closes. No dead birds, no error messages - just closes. Same used to happen with Chrome, and the only advise I got was to wipe my user account, which didn't help there, and isn't an option here. I'm losing work because of this. What can be done?


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