Feature request: focus search when open Bookmarks by F6

  • I have very simple feature request.
    When I press F6 the bookmark panel will be opened or close.
    And would be great if bookmark search field get automatically focus every time I open it.
    And return it back to the web page when I close it.
    It was working in the same way in Opera 12 and It will help a lot of time.

  • Maybe this is not described in right way.
    In the latest build when I press F6 it currently move the focus to the bookmark list.
    So I can manually choose right bookmark.
    But what I miss is possibility to start typing after F6 and it will write to the Search field directly.
    Like Start menu in Windows works.
    After press the WIndows key you can start typing directly or use arrows to navigate in the list.
    This will helps a lot with the user experience.


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