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  • Hi guys, how are you?

    First of all, sorry if you already have a post with these answers, it isn't my mother tongue, and I have trouble searching for tags.

    1. My first question: The "search engine tab" that other browsers have. For an ex: type "you" and the "tab button", and you can search directly at the navigation bar. Is that possible at Vivaldi?
    2. When I use the "search bar", located next to the "address bar". I selected Youtube to be there, but do not matter what I search, it always goes to the home page of Youtube, and not to the results page.
    3. I cannot make my mouse cursor fade out when using fullscreen at Vivaldi. Is there anything I can do?


    Just discovered the anwser for my second question. You need to go to youtube, right click at "search bar" in youtube page, and select "add to search engine".

  • @Duckfull
    For the first question. Did you mean "Keyword"?
    In that case, then yes. You can set that in settings.

  • alt text
    Like that, @dLeon

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    @Duckfull said in [Doubts] - Search Engine/Search Bar/Mouse:

    I can not make my mouse fade out when using full screen at Vivaldi. Is there anything I can do?

    I guess you're talking about watching videos in full screen (which is already a known bug)? If so, here is what you can do about it:

    1. Move your cursor away from the screen while watching full screen videos and wait patiently for the next update, which is most likely going to fix this bug. That's what I do.
    2. Or you can install the latest snapshot, where the bug is already fixed. Just keep in mind, that Snapshot releases may contain other bugs and that it is recommended to install Snapshots as a separate programs (choose "Standalone" on install), as switching between Stable versions and Snapshot may cause unexpected issues with your profile sometimes.

  • @pafflick
    so, its already a bug... I'll scrool it out of the screen and wait till next update, thanks!!
    Anything about the first question?
    EX: alt text

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    @dLeon has already answered your first question. You can turn that on in the settings here: vivaldi://settings/search/ (open this link in a new tab or copy & paste it into the address bar). Though I can search directly from the address bar, even when "Search in Address Field" is unchecked.

    You can use other search engines in the address bar, by using their nick names (you can set them yourself). You can find out more about the search functionality in the Official Vivaldi Knowledgebase. You can also check out this tutorial.

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