high I/O usage even when no open tabs

  • I noticed that vivaldi.exe process always make high I/O usage about 0,5 mb/s, even when no tabs opened. It is bug or feature ?
    alt text

  • as you can see other tested browsers not have this problem. This usage can decrease life of hard drive

  • update. When I removed default bookmark on express panel - the problem dissapeared ! Seems matter in default animated bookmarks on express panel.

  • it always does that, 0.1-0.4MB/s on my system and isn't related to express panel. all versions did that, on win 8.1 and win 10. people on forums say it's a bug in chrome that vivaldi can't fix.
    sometimes vivaldi hangs in ram after closing, still writing continuously to disk in a file called "Top Sites" which I delete from time to time.
    google programmers...

  • i use server 2012R2, now open about 10 tabs with loading sites - seems problem disappeared.

  • ok. then if it does it again check with Resource Monitor which file it writes to and if it is the Top Sites file then it's the same old problem.


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