Tabs inaccessible under Lubuntu

  • I am loving Vivaldi on Windows and am trying to use it in a Lubuntu v16 virtual machine running under VirtualBox. I have a problem with tabs in that configuration. When I click on a tab, instead of opening it, Vivaldi turns it blue and puts a striped line around it. New tabs also open with a bookmark symbol instead of with a preview of the page.

    Does anyone know why this is happening?

    I'm sure the solution is simple and I'm just overlooking it. Please help!

  • The striped blue line is a feature called Tab Selection (in Settings -> Tabs). Normally it works by holding Ctrl down while clicking on the tabs, so you can select multiple tabs. Then you can perform different operations on all of them from the context menu (right mouse button).

    From the Tab Settings you can also chooce whether to display thumbnails (page previews) or not.

    Using the mouse in a virtual machine desktop on another desktop can be tricky because you have to decide which desktop has ownership of the mouse cursor. You may need to press some key to make the switch. I don't know about your particular scenario, though.


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