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    I'm newbie and I want to announce this problem on my vivaldi 64bit ver
    As you can see the phrases in Vietnamese :"ASUS sắp ra mắt smartphone tầm trung mới với camera kép, cảm biến vân tay, pin 4850 mAh". it doesnt appear properly, can you fix it ?

    PS: sorry for my bad english

  • @quysuphuho i would try settings>websites>default character encoding>vietnamese if you havent already. your english is better than my vietnamese:

    taxi say sâu sẽ trở thành một thần đồng fiddle.

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    • You have installed Windows with support for vietnamese language?
    • May be the font packages is broken
    • Update your graphics card driver to the last one found graphics card manufacturer
    • Deactivate hardware acceleration
      • Open in english UI this URL chrome://settings/search#hardw
      • Deactivate
      • Restart Vivaldi

    Please give us feedback.


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