Thumbnails and HiDPI improvements - Vivaldi Browser snapshot 1.6.689.13

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    @ruario said in Thumbnails and HiDPI improvements - Vivaldi Browser snapshot 1.6.689.13

    In today's snapshot we finally resolved a long-standing issue with thumbnails for tabs opened in the background, have a couple of improvements to HiPDI for our Windows fans and fixed several important regressions.


    • [Windows][HiDPI] HTML in update dialog not HIDPI friendly (VB-17735)
    • [Windows][HiDPI][Regression] Installer looks blurry on HiDPI displays (VB-23934)
    • [Windows] Auto update should not open immediately after user has checked for update manually (VB-23857)
    • [Regression] Links unreacheable in warning page about invalid certicate (VB-23710)
    • [Regression] Change in number of Speed Dial column shown (VB-23718)
    • [Regression] Webm/MP4 content crashes the current page when trying to advance the video (VB-23817)
    • [Bookmarks] Show site name or URL in tooltip when hover an icon in bookmarks bar (VB-22887)
    • [Search field] Search bar typed history is filtered towards content in search bar (VB-23612)
    • [Search field] Delete typed history not working correctly (VB-23927)
    • [Search field] Remove the icon from typed history
    • [Thumbnails] Pages loaded in background tab do not update thumbnail (VB-2991)
    • [URL field] Show pointer while hovering with Ctrl/⌘ (VB-23962)
    • Group tab stack related context menu items
    • Two windows where 1 has a fullscreen video makes the cursor hide even in other window. (VB-23733)


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