Context menu - There's no there there

  • Where is the right-click close tab? When I put a new URL in the address bar and hit Enter, it opens in the current tab. I want it to open in a new tab. Why would I want to overwrite the tab I'm on? That's really screwed up. Power Users, ha! In the right-click Context menu: Where's the email the link? Oh sure, I can click in the address bar, hit CTRL C, open an email, then past the URL in. What a stupid ass way to email a link. Don't you people ever email a link? I want to right click and click on Email this Link and have a message window pop up. Duh. Where's the undo close tab? Why can't I right click and reopen a closed tab. Doesn't anyone ever want to reopen a tab. Where's the closed tabs list? I know I have to get numerous frigging extensions for Firefox to function in any kind of useful way. Why in the name of all that's holy do I have do all that with a "Power Users" browser. When you guys get it together, I'll be back. Otherwise, this browser is as bad as all the others.

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