• Hello again.

    Don't mean to sound ungracious, but am very frustrated and will air a little of it in this post below. Have already mentioned elsewhere (in my original post from 3-4 days ago) how frustrated I am that the forum seems so unresponsive...

    First, I just wanted to say that RIGHT CLICKING is the fastest, simplest, easiest, most useful mechanism available in browsing, and am frustrated that it's not being used in Vivaldi. AT LEAST give us 'OPEN NEW WINDOW' and 'CLOSE WINDOW' as a RIGHT CLICK OPTION. Even better, make the Right Click Menu customizable by end-user! Build this customizable function into the basic browser. It would solve a lot of problems to be able to right-click to get a needed function in a hurry.

    Am also not fond of TABS and am trying to force all tabs to act as WINDOWS.

    People who "cut their teeth" on great old-time browsers like the earliest Operas are not easily retrained with new, Klutzy solutions (like dozens of drill-down menus) and prefer the obvious, easier functions. Also, not sure about this, but it seems like a lot of the latest browsers are gearing themselves to "smart phones" instead of computers and us old-timers who still use desktops are very frustrated by these weird innovations. We want some TEXT along with links/buttons and not just odd "symbols" that we are supposed to somehow INTUIT what they mean! Not everyone has a smart phone! Had no idea what the "kabob" thing was on upper page in some browsers until one day in frustration I clicked on it, to discover it was a MENU for the page. PLEASE USE SOME TEXT once in a while instead of bizarre hieroglyphics! (Why are they HIDING everything the way it's being done nowdays? Computer users shouldn't have to forfeit ease of use to accommodate people with 'smart phones.')

    Again, Vivaldi has great potential, but time flies, and we need some answers a little quicker than what seems to be happening here.

    Thanks for listening.

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    Don't mean to sound ungracious, but am very frustrated and will air a little of it in this post below.

    People are put off by excessive use of Caps and even more by arrogant, demanding, and an impatient attitude shown by new forum members.

    No responses to your previous post may give you a clue as to why you should abandon the shouting and demanding tone. People are always willing to offer help and to support sensible feature requests, but you need to understand that development works slowly, and Internet forums do not exist to give you a place to vent. They are there to help users communicate with the developers.

    Other Vivaldi users are all here using our spare time. If we have to spend it explaining how to use a forum, then there's less time to help you with your actual issues.

    This vision problem is bull. I have vision problems too, so I zoom in. ALL CAPS just makes text harder to read, not easier. Use bold or italics sometimes, for emphasis. If you emphasise every other word it just looks like a rant.

    I don't have a smart phone, and do all of my work at a desktop PC with large text settings in Windows, and the web page zoomed to at least 120%

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    @BelaBela If you want new features please address such the Feature Wishes to and

    Please address your rant to


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