Need help (was: Feedback on Forum)

  • As a NEWBIE, I posted a plea for help THREE DAYS AGO, and my post has had over 40 views, but ZERO replies.
    --Not very helpful!
    Am very frustrated at not being able to do very simple functions in V, and not being able to add any extensions that would handle some of those functions, and not being able to get any HELP from forum participants.

    HOW or WHERE can we get some actual HELP? This takes a lot of time to log in, post a message, keep checking back for replies, and finding NO HELP AT ALL. Really want Vivaldi to succeed, but this is disappointing.


    Sign me,
    Frustrated belabela

  • Hi, it depends where you post your question.
    A link to your thread were nice.
    You get informed with the Bell symbol top right.
    Regular it need only need hours or even minutes to get help here.

    Is other way.

    Cheers, mib

  • @mib2berlin
    Thank you for your reply. My initial request for help is at:

    Tonight I was trying to figure out how to at least make a NEW WINDOW and CLOSE WINDOW by editing the right-click Context Menu. But can't figure out how to do this, either.

    Vivaldi has lots of nice features that make me want to use it, but due to eye problems need the functions described in my initial post, and I really dislike all the DRILLING DOWN IN MENUS for functions that easily could be at top in a Preferences Bar, like most other browsers offer.

    Thanks for listening. Cheers!

  • Hi, OK saw your post but don´t answer too. :|

    1. CAPS look like scream.
    2. These are not questions, looks like feature requests.
      Therefor is a special forum.
      Block of text keep helpers away.

    Is first I read for every software.

    If you need help please ask single question, this also help other user if they search the forum.

    Cheers, mib

  • @mib2berlin
    People need to get over their fear of CAPS. As explained several times in my posts, I have vision problems and also use CAPS for emphasis, when needed. My whole post is not CAPS, so please relax. 🙂

    The Feature Request section doesn't look any more responsive than the Windows section. My questions are clear and one would think somebody here could address a few if not all of them.

    This nonresponsiveness and WALL OF RESISTANCE is a good way to drive away prospective users and enthusiastic supporters for Vivaldi.

    Thanks for your replies.
    Have a nice day.

  • Moderator

    @BelaBela Your post was very difficult to read (mainly thanks to the excessive use of CAPS LOCK) and you haven't even asked any questions (except no. 9), since you've used only 1 (one!) question mark in your whole, long post about features that you'd wish to have.

    So if you don't ask actual questions and you make your post very long, overloaded with CAPS and thus very chaotic, then don't expect to receive any answers too soon. If you want to be treated respectfully, please respect others. Don't use CAPS at all, as it makes it difficult to read for other people - just like thin and blurry fonts are difficult to read for someone with vision problems. I believe that by following this simple rules, you'll be able to receive the answers you were looking for. Thank you for your understanding.

  • Moderator

    @BelaBela You opened much new threads before instead of waiting for users having time and a will to answer you.
    This is a user support forum and if nobody answer your posts are not understandable or noone likes your ranting.
    This is not a paid 24h-fast-response hotline you can call and tossing around second level support workers.
    This is a forum free of costs for you where many users and volunteers are helping with hints and fixes.
    And you can be happy to find forums helping users without any costs.

    As i told you, you could ask at, perhaps there you may get a quick answer .


    OK, i will answer your shouting rant shortly:

    1. Turn Referrer ON as needed and OFF as usual default (or vice versa, since it might be ON by default; prefer to leave it OFF as default and only turn ON for sites that demand it).

    Not implemented yet to witch on/off globally or domain specific.
    Try to use

    1. PREF BAR!! Am used to the Preferences Bar at top near the address bar, with icons that allow frequent functions such as: COOKIES TOGGLE, JAVASCRIPT TOGGLE, CLEAR COOKIES, CLEAR HISTORY, CLEAR CACHE, CLEAR ALL, IMAGES TOGGLE, COLORS TOGGLE, REFERRER TOGGLE, etc. Drilling down in all these menus is time-consuming and seems primitive (altho it does cut down on clutter); prefer clutter to endless menus!

    Such actions selectable by buttons are planned and will come.

    1. Need to set COLORS for LINKS, VISITED LINKS (seems everything is black right now).

    Currently not in UI.
    But you can use Stylish to changes this.

    1. Need to be able to change FONTS WITHIN VIVALDI (not just on webpages)! The given fonts are too thin and airy and hard to read. Need to be able to use BOLD FONTS as needed (to accommodate vision problems). Imported bookmarks are using a thin, airy font that's impossible to read.

    Yes, that is not easy on Windows. I use a minimum font site for webpages and set a Zoom for Vivaldi UI to make it better.

    With his extension you can edit the Option which fonts will be used.


    Both are existing.
    What is missing for you?


    In forum there is a section where you can patch this.


    Themes are in progress. Some UI changes can be made by modifications.

    1. SPEED! For some reason it takes a LONG TIME to just open a new page and even longer to load content from a website.

    With new window loaded in 1 second for me without any extensions installed. With new tab less than half a second.
    You mean opening a new tab takes long?

    1. The Ctrl-N (New Page) feature is not working on our Win 7 version of V. Is there some way to have ONLY WINDOWS and NO TABS AT ALL? (Have never liked tabs; they get all mixed up with/behind windows and have never understood their function or appeal.)

    No, opening all new pages a new windows is not intended.
    Tabs are less resources consuming.

    1. Need to be able to switch off PALE GREY TEXT on pages and use system colors (black or navy blue) when the pale text is too painful. HELP!

    Use Reader mode for such page or extension Stylish to overwrite text color with CSS.
    Sorry for you, but such accessibility modes are in progress and be sure, i will lokk after this as easier reading and using of a browser is important for All.

    1. Need many more Add-on options, and hope you can soon open a Vivaldi Store so we can be rid of google, the infamous* Net Snoop*! Miss Add-ons like PrefBar and CookieKeeper that you operate with click on a button at top of browser.

    Such extension store is planned. And the Vivaldi devs try to fix problems with some extensions.

    If you are not satisfied , i can understand you. Users have their own wishes. Ans some likes the old Opera 12 having su much features.
    But Vivaldi is a new browser and features are in progress, bugs have to be hunted and fixed. And it will get much of the old good features of Opera 12.
    But that takes time as the Vivaldi developer team is not large.

    You can make single requests for each feature wish at


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